Tackling tough challenges and unlocking higher profits  

Bio-Catalyst technology provides a comprehensive platform for maximizing the capability of feed enzymes to unlock value and unique advantages from a full range of production systems. This includes capability for addressing top challenges such as keeping feed costs low, utilizing alternative and ‘opportunity’ ingredients, protecting health, reducing environmental impact, minimizing antibiotic use and dramatically enhancing overall efficiency and profitability.

All advantages are amplified to a higher degree than ever before due to the dramatically increased precision, sophistication and synergy inherent to the new platform.


Canadian Bio-Systems is committed to positively impacting producers on-farm ability to optimize animal performance. With the introduction of iNSPect, CBS’ online resource that enables producers and industry partners the ability to build rations and supplement with a variety of enzyme products. iNSPect analyzes the ration then cross references with the supplement and gives the user a report of the non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) portion of the diet that is targeted by the enzymatic supplement. This visual report aids producers in making the best decision on their animal supplements.


Take a new look at your feed with our Dietary NSP Report.


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