Optimizing animal and production benefits

Functional fatty acids are a form of feed additive that goes beyond nutritional value to offer broader animal and performance benefits, helping to support efficient and sustainable livestock production in alignment with new marketplace expectations. The latest science-driven, feed-ingredient based solutions are built for the new world of judicious use approaches to antibiotics and bio-based enhancements of animal care, with innovative options offering a fit for every farm and production approach.


is a functional feed additive. It is available in tailored formulations for different types of poultry, as well as for swine and ruminants, with versatility to support a broad range of production systems and market opportunities. Biotica fits well with advanced strategies designed to support health, well-being and overall performance of animals, including those raised under strict judicious use principles regarding the use of antibiotics.



is a uniquely tailored functional fatty acid formulation including butyric acid that provides a highly efficient energy source swine with additional gut health advantages. This feed technology features a high quality double-coated shell, which ensures the energy source reaches its release target in the small intestine.


is a leading acidifier for swine and poultry diets. It is designed to reduce and optimize pH levels for superior efficiency and performance. As a product based on the concept of multiples, it includes not just one acidifying agent but rather a blend of carefully selected acids with different modes of action, which complement one another for greater overall benefits.

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