Innovative pathways to progress

A positive and nurturing environment is critical to get the most from your feed. Phytogentics & probiotics represent a category of innovative plant-based extract technology that supports optimal conditions for peak results. The latest generation options support benefits such as stimulating feed intake and boosting gut health while contributing to overall more efficient and sustainable livestock production.


is an essential oil product designed to support the immune system and an overall favorable gut environment for optimal animal and performance benefits. Newly available in 2018, it shows positive activity to lower inflammation, reduce metabolic stress, boost acquired immune response and lower energy loss from pro-inflammatory response, all while supporting overall gut integrity.



is a feed enhancing product including yucca extract that is focused on eliminating odour while promoting gut health. These two benefits are among the most important for sustainable and efficient livestock feeding systems today. This environmentally safe option for swine and poultry is proven to dramatically reduce ammonia and other noxious gases. Along with air quality and waste management benefits, this also promotes improved health and well-being for both livestock and workers.

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