It’s more than just mold ...

Safeguarding feed grains from threats such as fungi (including mold), fungi-produced mycotoxins and other contaminants is essential to protect quality and value. The latest in grain management technology locks in the full potential of feed with superior protection. Tailored ‘clean feed’ technology provides a valuable insurance policy for feed and animals, via simple and reliable science-based solutions.


In an effort to help producers attain the maximum potential on their farm, Canadian Bio-Systems offers the Myco-Check program in combination with NutraMix supplementation. Those who are subscribed to the Myco-Check program submit grain and feed samples to CBS, and in-return receive a customized report outlining any potential mycotoxin exposure. Using this report CBS is able to recommend a custom NutraMix inclusion level that is right for each producer. NutraMix is a combination of inorganic adsorbents and yeast polysaccharides that allow for broad spectrum mycotoxin binding reducing the immune response and the negative effects of mycotoxins. The addition of yeast cell wall stimulates tissue recovery. Using the Myco-Check service producers receive a unique and customized dosage that is right for their farm, their grain and their operation.



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